14 June 2007

Giving Him the Boot

This morning on the way to camp (kids)/office (me), we encountered a fireman hoisting a large boot at the intersection of Lebanon and Legacy in Frisco. He was darting rather haphazardly in between cars in search of spare change for charity (don’t ask me which one – I had not had my coffee yet). Here’s how my 5-year-old son (who does not need coffee) interpreted the scene:

Son: What’s that man doing with a boot?
Me: Trying to collect money.
Son: He should get a clue.
Me: (snickering) Why?
Son: First of all, he should be at a boot store. Also, that boot is so ugly and there is only one. Who would want it?
Me: (laughing uncontrollable despite lack of coffee)

There you have it. GQ reporter someday?

Happy Thursday. --shelley

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