29 April 2009

Our New May Magazines!

Hello, readers! Last week the Lauren Publications team was working hard to put the finishing touches on our May issues of DallasChild, NorthTexasChild and FortWorthChild magazines — in addition to the Spring/Summer edition of DallasChildbaby. Needless to say, it was a busy week! The hard work is certainly worth it, though, as we are excited to bring you new stories about topics that matter most to moms and dads.

First off, our May features:
What’s life like as a child living and thriving with Down syndrome? Local parents share their perspectives on life with a child with special needs. All moms and dads can relate to these parents’ hope for their children to experience healthy, happy and, eventually, independent lives.

This feature presents one staggering statistic: 117,600 kids in Dallas and Tarrant counties are living with a wide spectrum of special needs. To better serve this vibrant community, DallasChild will debut two new quarterly publications, DallasChildSpecialNeeds and FortWorthChildSpecialNeeds, in June. To read more articles or find events pertinent to parents of kids with special needs, go to either of our newly launched Web sites for either Dallas-area parents or Fort Worth-area parents.

Learn how to survive single parenthood with the advice and insight of local individuals who triumph this feat on a daily basis. Single moms and dads tell about American culture’s perception of single parenthood, in addition to one mom’s account of adopting as a single parent. Are you a single parent? Share your thoughts on life as a single mom or dad by commenting on this post.

Additionally, look for these articles in our May magazines:
Are you a working mom who’s wondering, “What am I going to do with the kids all summer?” We’ve compiled a slew of noteworthy summer camps (varying in cost and program lengths) for your review. An added bonus: The piece also presents several babysitting agencies and thoughtful methods for seeking summertime sitters.

It doesn’t get much more “real” than speaking with Pat Smith, wife of Emmitt Smith and mother of four. This month’s Mom Next Door chatted with me (while driving between appointments and stopping for gas — a true multitasking mom) about her new nonprofit women’s support group, Treasure You. Read about Pat’s daily juggle and whom she most admires (hint: this woman’s fashionable sense of style is sure to go down in history books).

And, in our Spring/Summer 2009 edition of DallasChildBaby—available soon on Dallas-area newstands—expect to raise an eyebrow while reading the publication’s main feature on non-hospital births. The magazine also serves up pieces on the growing number of stay-at-home dads, toxoplasmosis and why it’s essential to stay hydrated during pregnancy.

We hope you enjoy our May editions — let us know what you think!


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Lori said...

Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. I will forward the Downs Syndrome article to my neighbor.