05 May 2010

Well, If Scarlett's Doing It...

If you haven't read my monthly column in RealMoms, then I'm about to spoil the surprise. Moroccanoil, a product that yours truly now uses daily and can't do without, is currently the hottest thing at hair salons. When I visited mine a couple months back, both the stylists, colorist AND clients were raving about it and telling me I MUST buy it. I thought it was a little strong of a push and wondered what could be in this miracle oil that made each and every one of them gush over it.

Giving into peer pressure (with a slight curiosity I'll admit to), I tried it, loved it and can't be without it. And apparently, Scarlett Johansson is a fan too. Her curly hair was oiled up (I use that term loosely, it doesn't take much), curled up and pinned up for her Iron Man 2 international premiere (which complemented her Armani Privé dress to a "t" might I add).

Do you have a product you've been talked into and can't live without? I'm curious...drop me a line: lauren@dallaschild.com



photo by steve granitz/getty images

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