30 August 2006

Unexpected Reminders

It’s day four of my five-day cycle of Clomid and man am I feeling the effects: I rocket back and forth between upbeat and perky to sad and withdrawn to quick tempered and tacky, all the while being completely exhausted — but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end! I did get a nice little distraction from the emotional rollercoaster yesterday afternoon, though, along with an unexpected reminder of what I’m working so hard for.

For the November issue I’ll be profiling Frisco’s own Leisa Hart — of the Buns of Steel videos fame. She’ll be dishing all about what life is like raising three little ones and being a fitness icon to millions of women (especially moms). And while Leisa served as a fantastic interview (the piece is a must read) it was more the background noise of our phone interview that really got me. While we chatted, Leisa was busy feeding her 6-month-old little girl, Mary Frances, and every once in awhile I could hear the baby cooing and giggling in the background. The little snippits I could hear were the sweetest sounds I’d heard all day — only from the mouths of babes.

Thanks to Leisa and Mary Frances for bringing me out of my Clomid funk and for reminding me what it is I’m fighting for.

much love ~

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