16 February 2007

Clothes Encounters

In the January issues of DallasChild and FortWorthChild, I wrote about my quest to revamp my image with a wardrobe makeover (Closet Confidential). I couldn’t have imagined the response. Not only have I received tons of inquiries from friends and strangers wanting to know how it’s going; Nancy Klompus (the stylist I chose) has also had her phone ringing off the hook with moms who are desperate for clothes encounters of their own kind.

Well, I can tell you so far it has been a blast and a wise investment. First and foremost, it was an exercise in subtraction, not addition. I donated more than 10 bags of clothing — items that, as Nancy says, we needed to “let go.” My favorite pieces could finally breathe — everything was now smashing, not smashed, and I could actually see what I had. Nancy then gave new life to several “orphans” in my closet by rounding out my self-described “funky chic” look with some fantastic basic and signature – build-a-wardrobe-around-them —pieces (using a budget I gave her) ... think great layering tops, pants, wrap dress (simlar to the one pictured), statement earrings, hose, boots, clogs – oh, and a killer Billy Reid rockstar-mama leather skirt. Best of all, everything we bought was on sale!

When I wake up in the morning, dressing is fun again; and, even if I don’t wear a “Nancy” outfit (she styles head-to-toe looks from your closet and photographs them for reference in a handy album), I use the techniques she taught me to create a pulled-together look that suits my lifestyle.

Now you can learn her trade secrets too. Because we discovered that our readers are clamoring for fashion makeover tips, we are launching a new monthly column in the magazine, starting with the March issue, entitled “Chic or Eek” (named after the original blog on this topic). In it Nancy will answer a burning fashion question she is hearing consistently from her mommy clients (or one that you send in). She’ll tell us what not to wear, and, most importantly, what is going to make us look fabulous and thin, keeping wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum.

If you have a question for Nancy, shoot us an email now. --shelley

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