13 February 2007

Walk It Out

When my roommate convinced me to go walking with her last weekend, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Four miles later, the novelty had worn off. I guess we were taking it easy (an impressive 16-minute mile), but it felt like a marathon. OK, four miles of strolling, gossiping and making fun of a guy on a unicycle is not as grueling as some people’s daily regimens, and I completely understand that.

The Wheat Foods Council and See Mommy Run know that moms (“The Everyday Athletes”) spend a lot more time than that on their feet. That’s why they’re sponsoring a nationwide run/walk this spring in hopes of setting a world record.

Registration begins March 1 on www.wheatfoods.org when the site becomes active. Participants will be given pedometer after registering to track their steps leading up to the event on May 19, at which point you can enter your total number of steps to determine whether a record has been set. And, See Mommy Run makes it easy to find a running/walking buddy. Just log on and register, and you’ll find dozens of local groups who would love to have you join them.

Not a bad reason to buy some shiny, new running shoes, I say!


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