14 March 2008

BPA-Free Feeding Products

You might recall reading about the safety concerns of plastic drinking products in February's DallasChild article, Plastic's Not Fantastic. As the article points out, toxic chemicals — mainly Bisphenol-A (BPA) — can leach from plastic baby bottles and sippy cups, causing possible damage to immune systems and brain development (according to the National Institutes of Health).

Online shopping moms can find a wide selection of BPA-free bottles at the Modern Baby Barn — a one-stop shop for an assortment of new-age baby products, such as the Wee-Go Glass Bottle (mentioned in February's article; see above right).

Some new additions to our list of baby- and kid-friendly feeding products (that put mom's mind to rest!):The Green to Grow Bottle — it's BPA and phthalate free and made from PES plastic, which gives the bottle a natural golden color.The Siliskin Glass Bottle — similar to the Wee-Go, this naturally BPA-free glass bottle is stylishly encased in colorful silicone.The Boon Fluid Sippy — a erognomic and BPA-free toddler cup fit for the son or daughter of mod parents. (Find Boon in-store at mod + mini, Dallas; The Right Start, Plano; and more.)

The Safe Sippys — another alternative to glass or plastic: non-leaching medical-grade stainless steel. These colorful sippy cups are stylish and easy to clean. (Find these in-store at Lone Star Baby & Kids, in Dallas or Frisco.)

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Leigh said...

Awesome information . . . Thanks so much for not only keeping us updated on what's heathy out there but also letting us know where we can find it and suport local businesses!

~Leigh A. Wilcox
Frisco Mother of 5yo Ethan