10 March 2008

Leak Detection

Much has been made of that shocked, soaked moment of surprise when a pregnant woman’s water breaks – a humor- and clothing-drenched moment that’s fodder for giggles in countless movies. In real life, things don’t always happen so clearly. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re actually losing amniotic fluid, or you may be experiencing wetness but it’s nowhere near time for labor and delivery.

Now, there’s a new home test that helps detect amniotic fluid. AmniScreen is a panty liner that tests for elevated pH levels, which could indicate leaking fluid. The test is suitable for pregnant women experiencing unexplained vaginal wetness and women with high-risk pregnancies, woman who’ve undergone amniocentesis and women who have experienced prior amniotic fluid leakage.

AmniScreen is available by prescription only, and results should be interpreted by a medical professional. Ask your doctor about amniotic fluid leakage and testing.

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