03 April 2008

Dip a toe into the green pool

Going green sounds great, in theory – but do you still find the prospect less than tempting? Try it; you’ll like it, says a new EcoPinion study. More than half of Americans queried admitted to not being ready to go green. Reluctant consumers perceive that many forms of green technology (renewable, energy efficient or recycled materials) are cost prohibitive, difficult to understand and maintain, and aesthetically unappealing. On the other hand, the 46% percent of those surveyed who had already made the move to greener homes were considerably more positive about green tech.

The highest percentage of green leanings were found among people age 55 and over, who were most likely to have adopted greener ways and to view green tech in a more positive light.

The take-home here: if you’ve been turning your nose up at green, give it a whirl. Keep an eye right here on our blog, and pick up an April issue of DallasChild or FortWorthChild, for more ways to ease your family into a greener lifestyle.

~ Lisa

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