28 April 2008

In the Mix

You’ve heard of Mommy Mixers by now, right? If you’re in the market for a great new babysitter (new to North Texas, perhaps), you’ll want to register now with Mommy Mixer.

MM aims to bring families and college-student babysitters together through fun, social mixers at high-end retail boutiques. Interested yet?

Although you won’t find a new nanny here, you will meet quality, young childcare providers with plenty of time on their hands. (Remember all the spare time you had with only 12 credit hours on your schedule? A distant memory, I know).

Moms are responsible for screening potential hires, but if you don’t meet a sitter you like (which is highly unlikely), you’ve at least got a guaranteed hour of boutique shopping.

Mixers are coming up this Thursday, May 1 at A. Hooper in Fort Worth; Tuesday, May 13 at Paper & Chocolate in Dallas; and Tuesday, June 3 at Calypso in Highland Park.

Register now, and you’ll be set for all the summer date nights you can handle.


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