04 June 2008

Go Skateboarding

If you have any budding, young skateboarders in your house, I’m sure you know how infectious the sport is. Well, an eagerly anticipated event is approaching this month, and that’s Go Skateboarding Day (June 21). Enthusiasts from across the Metroplex will gather at the Edge Skate Park in Allen to celebrate the spirit of their sport, and maybe pick up some new fans.

In anticipation of this special event, skaters and artists can enter a deck design contest, sponsored by the City of Allen and SD Skateboards. (For the uninitiated, the deck is the part of the board you stand on.) We first learned about SD Skateboards almost two years ago when we profiled its owner, then-13-year-old Sean Dillon. Since then, Dillon’s brainchild has become the family business, and it seems to have really taken North Texas by storm.

Check out Go Skateboarding Day 2008’s website for more information on contest entry rules and procedures (entries are due by June 16). And, you can visit SD Skateboards’ website for everything else you might need from grip tape to trucks…but, you may have to ask a skater what those are, first.


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