16 June 2008

A Man to Inspire All

In the spirit of Father's Day (past), I'd like to mention briefly a man I never knew in person, but only over the television waves. After this weekend though, it seems as the person America saw in front of the camera was the same as behind the scenes. I'm of course talking about Tim Russert, moderator of Meet the Press and Washington Bureau Chief of NBC, who passed away this past Friday as he was recording a voice-over for last Sunday's show. He was a man who above all was a great father and a great son, writing about both in his book Big Russ and Me. It's heart-warming to see a man that loved everything about his life, but especially his son and his dad, so outwardly proud of them both. Beaming when he spoke of them in interviews, and telling all of America how proud he was to be Luke's dad.

So, grab your Kleenex's and watch his only child, Luke, speak of his dad Monday morning on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. I only hope that Tim Russert's legacy inspires fathers to become even better parents, letting their kids know just how much they love them, and how their life wouldn't be the same without them.

Learning from his closes friends and colleges over the past weekend, Tim Russert is a man who truly inspires, both as a politcal journalist who loved every minute of his job, as a son who admired his dad ever so deeply, and as a father who let his son know just how much he loved him every day of his life.


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