12 November 2009

Holiday Help!

Holiday shopping is right around the corner—or already here for you over-achievers. No matter what you're shopping for, be it gifts for family, items for the home ... or those much-deserved treats for yourself, Kacky & Carl can help you tackle the most challenging of holiday needs.

Located in the historic district of Uptown, this one-stop shop carries hard-to-find lines for mom such as Daggs and Stacey, Dolan and Kirribilla—sure to make you drop jaws at that holiday soiree or give your family the (honest) impression you've got "casual cool" nailed. And if all this shopping for self has got you feeling, well ... selfish, why not pick up something for the kids while you're there! Owners Kacky Pritchard and Lisa Barnes keep the store stocked with unique finds including one-of-a-kind baby accessories and shower gifts, as well as kids clothing like Monster Tee's and a DallasChild fave, Baby Bean Vintage!

And because you've got your in-laws coming for a (long) week, Amy Gibbs, designer and owner of AG Designs, brings you all you need for a holiday home makeover. Choose from a classically modern mix of new and renewed furniture and home accessories that will make any room pop with vibrant color, modern fabric or sophisticated lacquer.

So let's summarize: Kacky and Carl can help you look smashing, check multiple tasks off your holiday "to get list" and finally impress your very discriminating mother-in-law.

Kacky and Carl is located at 2722 Routh St. in Uptown. Call 214/295-4486 or visit its Web site for more information.


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