27 April 2007

(STYLE) Makes the World Go Round

If you’re a people-watcher (like me), I’ve got blog for you…. The Sartorialist, a blog that watches the fashionable citizens of the world and records them, is my latest (nearly obsessive) indulgence.

Scott Schuman, a NYC dad of two girls and former fashion-showroom owner, captures the essence of street-chic in his spontaneous photographs of unsuspecting stylish subjects. Whether he’s on assignment in Milan (which is quite frequently), Germany (his current stop), or Sweden, he’s documenting the world’s fashionable purveryors of style and class. It’s addictive with his frequent and often multiple daily postings, some with commentary and some let the pictures do the talking.

Pictured here is one of my favorite subjects he’s captured with his lens in Milan, and underneath her picture, Schuman simply scribes, “Really, just the best.” I’d have to agree. Check out his blog, and people watch halfway across the word. Who really believes that “curiosity killed the cat” anyways? I sure don’t….

- Lauren

25 April 2007

Quick FYI

Just wanted to pass along an update I received today.

I posted April 5 to alert you to the Dallas Closet Swap event scheduled for May 5, but that event has been postponed. It will likely be rescheduled for late summer/early fall, but will still benefit the Genesis Women's Shelter. So don't get rid of those clothes just yet! I'll keep you posted.


24 April 2007

All About Baby

This Saturday, babydallas magazine will be taking over Stonebriar Centre in Frisco (2601 Preston Rd.) for our bi-annual New Arrivals Baby Fair and Cover Search. From 10am-4pm you can mix and mingle with health care professionals, as well find out about the latest parenting trends and products as you work your way from booth to booth. (Added perk? This fun is totally free!)

And if that’s not enough to entice you to swing by, how about entering your babe (must be 12 months or younger) in our search for our fall/winter issue’s cover cutie. Walk-in registration is $35, which includes a mini photo shoot with our fabulous photographer, as well as a souvenir snapshot (“say” cheese!).

Oh, and one last tidbit. We’ll be handing out the fresh-off-the-presses spring/summer issue of babydallas. This magazine is one of our best yet! It’s chock full of exciting articles for expectant and new parents. Think pain-free, med-free delivery (yes, we swear it’s possible), your top product questions answered (like is it OK to borrow a friend’s breast pump?) and learning to chit chat with your pre-verbal baby.

We hope to see you there!

23 April 2007

Just a Case of Cold Feet?

Webster defines cold feet as “apprehension or doubt strong enough to prevent a planned course of action.” But is it OK for expectant mommies to feel the freezing effects? I mean, hello, this little man of mine is coming, my ice-cold tootsies be darned.

Until last weekend (I was in my hometown for my baby shower) I hadn’t had one moment’s pause about being a mommy — labor and delivery, yes, being a parent, never. However, early Saturday morning, I woke up in a cold sweat, unable to catch my breath with my heart clamoring wildly in my chest. I was literally panicking (or, to put it more eloquently, freaking out) about being a parent.

Streams of questions kept running through my head: Will my child like me, will he love me? What if I’m too strict or not strict enough? Am I destined to be a bad mom because I’m suddenly terrified? What does this all mean?

I was shocked by my sudden and unexpected attack of self-doubt.

I’ve since calmed down and am back in my happy baby bubble, but I’m no longer naive enough to think this can’t happen again. I need some mommies to weigh in on this one. Are these pre-baby freak-out flashes normal? And, if so, how do I assuage them when they attack? E-mail me your stories of survival (lol) at senior.editor@dallaschild.com.


19 April 2007

Thanks, Al.

I’ll admit it: I never thought Earth Day was a big deal. At all. But that was before Mr. Gore’s Inconvenient Truth led me to two conclusions:

•I’m using heaps more energy than I need. Sylvania’s 23-watt fluorescent Energy Star light bulbs use 2/3 less energy, last forever, and lower my electric bill.
•Why doesn’t anyone talk about the hole in the ozone anymore? It’s kind of a big deal in Australia, where there is the highest rate of skin cancer of anywhere in the world.

Now, I’m paying a little more attention. That said, the City of Dallas is hosting a big celebration tomorrow in Pegasus Plaza with EarthFest 2007. This event attracts thousands every year and promises lots of exhibits, interactive activities and games, entertainment and even a fashion show. I would go, if only to see what garments can be made from recycled products. Event starts at 10am.


13 April 2007

The Beanbag Blues

I just uncurled from the fetal position and hoisted myself off a mammoth, denim beanbag chair I drug into my office from the company playroom. I have entered, unknowingly, the UNCOMFORTABLE, PAINFUL stage of pregnancy and I have to confide, I’m not fairing so well (makes me wonder who’s the real baby here, me or Peanut, lol).

Braxton Hicks contractions have become my constant companion, as well as cramping in pretty much any area sandwiched between my rib cage and pelvic bone that can cramp. Plus, I have the added bonus of having heart palpitations – yee ha! I have a small heart condition, that, until now, has been quite manageable, but boy has pregnancy thrown a wrench into that. =)

Being such an exhausted weenie has me simultaneously summoning for an early delivery and wishing the day would never come (Can I REALLY handle labor? I wince and whimper with “faux” contractions).

My mom did offer some e-mail inspiration this morning that lifted my spirits, though:

“I hope you are feeling better, but I am not sure that is going to happen until lil’ Peanut arrives safe and sound! So just remember that this is what being a Mommy is all about ... giving of yourself and in spite of what you need. It is all about your child ... this is one thing that will never change! Get ready.”

She’s right. I have to keep reminding myself that every ache, pain, cramp and contraction are signs of wonderful things to come — namely One, Little, Wrinkled, Screaming, Pinkish Thing. =)

I think this means the beanbag and I are going to become best buds.

Have a wonderful weekend

P.s. I only WISH I looked as happy on my beanbag as the woman pictured above, lol.

11 April 2007

Wanted: Descriptive Dads!

We’re hard at work on our June, Father’s Day issue and in honor of this testosterone-filled month, we’re changing the focus of our regular department Real Moms to highlight all the great things about Real Dads.

One of the most-read sections of our magazine is Mommy Diaries (which is tucked inside Real Moms), but for June, we’re looking for a local dad’s perspective. What time does his day start, his night end and what happens in between? What obstacles does he overcome in the course of one family-friendly (read: kid-crazed) day?

Dads, we want a behind-the-scenes, all-access pass to a day in your world! (Moms, have a husband you can prod - ok, bribe, lol - into jotting down the ins and outs of his day?)Interested? Choose a typical day in your life and chronicle all the highs (and lows and daily to-dos), broken down by time increments (needs to be between 750-1,000 words) and e-mail it to us at editorial@dallaschild.com. Please include a hi-res photo of you with your family that we can run alongside your diary.

For possible consideration (we’ll choose one dad from the Dallas area and one from the Fort Worth area) we need to receive your submission by Friday, April 20.

Get writing, Dads, we can’t wait to highlight your life!


10 April 2007

In the 2-1-2

We usually keep our blog banter local, but sometimes, a girl needs to get away. And what better place than New York City with old friends? It’s no surprise, really, but a city like New York really does have something for everyone, whether it’s a weekend with the kids, without the kids, or just with girlfriends. Here are my top five (and then some) to keep in mind for your next jaunt:

1.) Nolita: Café Habana. Cuban/Mexican takeaway spot. Corn-on-the-cob with chili powder, cheese and butter. Need I say more?
2.) West Village: Magnolia Bakery. Brave the lines for the cupcakes made famous by Sex and the City (pictured), or try one of the smaller bakeries nearby for other phenomenal treats.
Marc by Marc Jacobs. Three store fronts on Bleeker Street. One sells cute MJ trinkets ($1 and up!), and the others offer men’s, women’s and the adorable kids line, “Little Marc.” Does the “Marc Who?” shirt come in my size?
3.) Times Square: If you’re not blinded by the lights, look for the guy in the Spiderman suit. He might be the new Naked Cowboy.
Toys’R’Us: Just inside the doors is an enormous indoor ferris wheel. Extra points if you make it further than that!
4.) 5th Avenue: Really, what’s not to love here? Apple’s flagship store is particularly stunning with its 32-foot glass cube entrance at street level.
5.) Meatpacking District: Vento. This narrow wedge of a building sits at 14th & Hudson and specializes in small plates. Size isn’t an issue though, because everything is delicious. The patient wait staff knows it can take hours to decide, but don’t think too hard. Just order it all.


05 April 2007

Swap Meet

Doesn’t spring make you want to shop? We all have our favorite places to shop (as our schedules and finances permit), and for me, it’s places like Nordstroms, Barney’s and Zara, or online faves shopbop.com, net-a-porter.com and eBay--if only just to browse.

Well, we’ve just learned about an upcoming shopping event that is completely unlike your normal shopping experiences. It’s for a great cause, and it sounds like a lot of fun.

The Dallas Closet Swap happens May 5 from 6-9pm at the Women’s Museum at Fair Park, and the concept is simple:

1. Purchase a $25 ticket online at www.dallasclosetswap.com
2. Bring at least five new or nearly new items from your closet (“golden rule” applies here, ladies—only bring something someone else would want, according to the website)
3. Trade your treasures for someone else’s
4. Enjoy free food, cocktails and spa treatments from sponsors like Bliss Spa, The Lash Lounge, Barefoot Wines and Paciugo Gelato
5. Support Genesis Women’s Shelter, and go home happy

So clean out your closets, and have a great weekend!