30 July 2007

A few thanks...

As my time here comes to a close and I end my short stint as an editorial intern (thanks to wisdom teeth, summer school and a university trip to Ohio) I just want to reflect for a moment and say a quick thanks to a few people who helped me grow along the way.

After spending the past year working for my university’s fast-paced newspaper, the switch to a magazine was both a sigh of relief and a much-needed chance to dabble in something a bit different. Being able to balance a variety of articles and projects while learning the ropes of a well-respected magazine was an experience I’ll never forget. Birthday party profiles, news blurbs, and “shortcuts” gave me a growing confidence in a field I now know I would like to pursue. And, luckily for me, the staff at DallasChild accepted me with open arms and gave me opportunity after opportunity to develop and strengthen my writing skills.

Elizabeth – Thanks for allowing me to flood your e-mail box and for always finding something for me to work on (fencing parties, anyone?) If I can walk away with at least ¼ of your creativeness and talent, I’ll be well off!

Lauren – Thanks for always having quick feedback and a quick smile. You have a great sense of style and great ability to write about it!

Jessica – Who am I going to share weird news stories with? Thanks for all the laughs and good luck with all that you do, I know you’ll be great!

Shelley – While I didn’t work as closely with you as I would have liked, I could tell by your staff what a great editor you are. And, your cute boys always brightened my day!

Joy – Thank you for allowing me to come into your company and work for your talented editors. Your contagious laugh and humorous outlook never failed to make me smile.

Thanks again and I can’t wait to come back and visit!

Ashley Westbrook

19 July 2007

Potter in the House!

It’s finally here: the 7th and final Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” On July 21, at 12:01 a.m., the book will be on sale, and there are plenty of pre-sale parties going on.

McKinney Parks and Recreation is sponsoring Potter Fest this Friday, July 20, at Towne Lake Park from 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. To receive the book, you had to pre-register by Monday, but you can still attend the festivities for free. There will be games, food, contests, a screening of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” and much more. Participants will be sorted randomly into Hogwarts houses before receiving their books. Towne Lake Park, 1405 Wilson Creek Parkway, McKinney, 972/542-0045, www.mckinneytexas.org.

Stonebriar Centre will have a Wizard’s Ball, also this Friday, starting at 9 p.m. The local bands include the Political Monkeys, the XO’s and Egress. There will be face painting, wand-making, fortune-telling, sorting and more. Barnes & Noble Stonebriar, 2601 Preston Road, Frisco, 972/668-2820.

Also, check your local bookstores for their Harry Potter parties. Many Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, and others are having release parties. Visit their Web sites to check for party locations and times. Happy reading!

- Jessica

Cookie Couture

Who says that really fabulous “ritzy” restaurants don’t like kids? In Stephen Pyles’ case, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The famed restaurant is holding a “Ratatouille”-inspired cookie decorating class for kids on Saturday, August 4 from 11am – 1pm. Executive Chef Jeff Moschetti and Executive Pastry Chef Katherine Clapner will teach the aspiring chefs (ages 7 – 12) the art of decorating cookies – a favorite kiddie pastime. The $50 enrollment fee includes: breakfast for kids + adults (something to really be excited about for the adults…it will of course be fantastic!), goodie bag with recipe, apron, hat, cookie cutter and more. Contact Lisa Moore at Stephan Pyles for registration (214.580.7000). Enrollment is limited.

Stephan Pyles
1807 Ross Ave., Suite 200
Dallas, Texas


16 July 2007

Hot Children in the City?

Every city claims its weather is weird (don’t like it? Wait 5 minutes; it’ll change.), but I think Dallas takes the cake this summer. Alternating between high-90-degree days and flash flooding leaves little time to be outside, but when you have a window of opportunity, it’s time to seize the day.

July is Dallas Parks and Recreation Month, and it’s just a reminder to get out there and make the most of the remaining days of summer. And, if you’re running out of ways to keep the family busy, Dallas Parks and Rec has 300+ solutions for you. (300 parks, 7 spray grounds, the Dallas Zoo and the Dallas Aquarium, for starters.)

So, enjoy the rest of July. Refer to our July Family Guide for more inspiration, and look forward to August. We’ve got some exciting fall issues coming your way, so stay tuned.


11 July 2007

Lights, camera, auditions!

If theater is your calling, you should stop by the Rose Marine Theater and audition for the Teatro de la Rosa season opener, "Conference of the Birds." Auditions are Monday, August 6, at 7 p.m. They are casting 13-15 actors, dancers and puppeteers, so there’s a range of possibilities! The play is about a group of birds traveling through the Copan Ruins seeking a leader. It’s told with giant puppets and masks, which is the traditional Mayan style. Rehearsals begin August 13, Monday-Thursday and Sundays. The performances will be September 28-October 7 on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Rose Marine Theater
1440 N. Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76164

- Jessica

10 July 2007

What’s hot about ice cream?

If you and yours are looking for a way to beat the summer heat, celebrate National Ice Cream month by making your own batch of the icy goodness. Dessert-lover President Ronald Regan gave July this title in 1984 as a way of celebrating America’s favorite cold confection. In honor of its long history and numerous flavors, here are a few links with recipes, facts and more.

How it's made
Facts and trivia

Get the whole family in on the experience by learning about this tasty treat together. Delicious and nutritious (sometimes…hot fudge, anyone?) making ice cream is a sure-fire way to stay cool and maybe even learn something new.


06 July 2007

A high performance diaper bag

Hey everyone, my name is Ashley and I’m the other editorial intern at DallasChild. While I was perusing the Internet today, I came across this cool site that sells recycled handbags for men and women. Father’s Day may be over, but if you’re looking to surprise your hubby with a masculine, family-friendly gift - look no more. The designers at Passchal have constructed the perfect dad-bag out of used truck and tractor tire inner tubes. Manly and eco-friendly, this handcrafted bag comes complete with baby bottle pouches, iPod/cell phone holders and a battery operated light that turns on when the bag is opened. With a price tag of $175 and a lifetime warranty, he’ll be safe in the fast lane. Check out the Web site to see more of the trendy tire totes.


Save the climate with…coffee?

Coffee and polar bears? Starting July 31, Starbucks will help educate customers about the climate crisis. Starbucks will promote the family-friendly documentary Arctic Tale with signs, cup holders and possibly plush dolls. Arctic Tale, opening July 25, is about a baby polar bear and walrus pup trying to survive as their world melts away due to climate change. Starbucks will also host a “National Day of Discussion” on August 15 with environmental leaders discussing solutions to the vital climate issue at select Starbucks.

- Jessica

Feeling Earthy?

If all this rain keeps up, the best thing to do this weekend just might be to stay inside, order pizzas and watch Live Earth concerts. Seven concerts (one on each continent) will literally rock the globe for 24 hours on 7/7/07 to raise awareness for global warming.

NBC begins its broadcast at 7pm, Saturday, and, if you can’t sleep that night, the Bravo network starts an 18-hour broadcast at 2am 7/8/07.

You’ll see KT Tunstall, Alicia Keys, Dave Matthews Band and The Police live from New York; Genesis, Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in London; Jack Johnson rocks Sydney and Joss Stone takes Johannesburg, among about 150 other bands.

And, while you’re reliving “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” with Sting and the boys, sit the kids down to check out Meet the Greens, a new site that inspires kids with big ideas to save their planet.


03 July 2007

Literary Arts (and some crafts)

Because we’re all trying to ward off summer brain-drain (it’s been tough today, I’ll admit it), here’s something else to keep you cool and busy this weekend…

The J.Erik Jonsson Central Library in Dallas hosts its 2nd International Book Fair, July 6-8, 10am-5pm Friday and Saturday, and 1-5pm Sunday.

60 locally, nationally and internationally renowned authors will be there to read their works and sign books, but it’s also a cultural event for the whole family.

Performing arts, poetry, theater, puppets, face painting, arts and crafts and more are on the event’s schedule to keep those little minds busy and sharp.

Find more info about activities and authors at www.dallasinternationalbookfair.com