30 June 2008

In the Cards for Stay-At-Home Mom

As you might imagine, we scroll through hundreds of parenting product ideas each week, and I'm not going to say we are jaded, but we are picky! Recently, a Rockwall mom sent something that caught my eye: original hand drawn greeting cards and labels with a twist. The self-described "Cute Card Queen," Courtney designs each card with colorful, whimsical cartoon characters to depict your family. I especially like her mommy business cards and her "send a card" service where you simply pick out a greeting and let Courtney jot a handwritten note and mail it for you! Plus, how could we not love a fellow mom (to a 1-year-old little boy) who confesses to being addicted to Cherry Coke Zero and LOST!

Check out her designs at Come Together Cards (hey, it's not too soon to be thinking about holiday cards & labels)!


16 June 2008

A Man to Inspire All

In the spirit of Father's Day (past), I'd like to mention briefly a man I never knew in person, but only over the television waves. After this weekend though, it seems as the person America saw in front of the camera was the same as behind the scenes. I'm of course talking about Tim Russert, moderator of Meet the Press and Washington Bureau Chief of NBC, who passed away this past Friday as he was recording a voice-over for last Sunday's show. He was a man who above all was a great father and a great son, writing about both in his book Big Russ and Me. It's heart-warming to see a man that loved everything about his life, but especially his son and his dad, so outwardly proud of them both. Beaming when he spoke of them in interviews, and telling all of America how proud he was to be Luke's dad.

So, grab your Kleenex's and watch his only child, Luke, speak of his dad Monday morning on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. I only hope that Tim Russert's legacy inspires fathers to become even better parents, letting their kids know just how much they love them, and how their life wouldn't be the same without them.

Learning from his closes friends and colleges over the past weekend, Tim Russert is a man who truly inspires, both as a politcal journalist who loved every minute of his job, as a son who admired his dad ever so deeply, and as a father who let his son know just how much he loved him every day of his life.


12 June 2008

Celebrate Dads at the Nasher

Looking for a Father's Day event that the whole family will enjoy? Head over to Father's Day at the Nasher Sculpture Center — Dads can soak up the artistic atmosphere without hearing the begrudged exclamation "I'm bored!" from the kids.

First, pop into the NasherCafe for brunch prepared by the one and only Wolfgang Puck from 11am-3pm ($30 per person, $15 per child). After filling your bellies, head to the family scavenger hunt in the Nasher's garden. While the kiddos are scrambling to find hidden treasures, Dads (and Moms) and take a moment to check out Mark di Suvero's Eviva Amore (shown in photo).

After the kids have had their fill of adventure, get your picture snapped by James French Photography, which will be on-site to take your family's photograph in the garden.

At 2:30pm, relax to the soothing performance by the Arts District Chorale, which will be an all-Brahms program including "Come Dance With Me." The day's events commence at 3pm.

Enjoy! And, if you're still looking for an outing to celebrate dad, go here!

— Gretchen

05 June 2008

Shampoos, Conditioners and Whoopie Pies (Oh My!)

The editorial team at DallasChild frequently receives various mom-centric (and kid-centric) samples of up-and-coming products and books for our testing and review. But rarely does a shipment cause so much stir as the recently received package from Suave — laden with tangerine-smelling lotions, shampoos and conditioners (just in time for summer!), as well as a box of One Girl Cookies' Pumpkin Whoopie Pies (shown in photo).

What the heck are Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, you say? Think (or imagine tasting) cake-like cookies flavored with all-natural pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, held together sandwich-style with a sweet cream cheese icing.

Now do you understand what all the stir was about? We highly recommend this treat! And, although the adorable bakery is located in Brooklyn, NY, you can order some for your own tasting: go here. The treats are handmade and will ship to your doorstep in two days time — a perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth!

Thanks Suave and One Girl Cookies! Check out the new Suave products and real-life transformations of moms-on-the-go on the Suave Web site.


04 June 2008

Go Skateboarding

If you have any budding, young skateboarders in your house, I’m sure you know how infectious the sport is. Well, an eagerly anticipated event is approaching this month, and that’s Go Skateboarding Day (June 21). Enthusiasts from across the Metroplex will gather at the Edge Skate Park in Allen to celebrate the spirit of their sport, and maybe pick up some new fans.

In anticipation of this special event, skaters and artists can enter a deck design contest, sponsored by the City of Allen and SD Skateboards. (For the uninitiated, the deck is the part of the board you stand on.) We first learned about SD Skateboards almost two years ago when we profiled its owner, then-13-year-old Sean Dillon. Since then, Dillon’s brainchild has become the family business, and it seems to have really taken North Texas by storm.

Check out Go Skateboarding Day 2008’s website for more information on contest entry rules and procedures (entries are due by June 16). And, you can visit SD Skateboards’ website for everything else you might need from grip tape to trucks…but, you may have to ask a skater what those are, first.


03 June 2008

Rock On!

Mimic the moves of actor Jack Black — no, we're not talking Kung Fu — at the newest (and coolest) music school in town: Paul Green's School of Rock. Just like in the movie, this music school aims to save rock-&-roll "one kid at a time." (And have a little fun too, of course!)

Director Mark Warner, an active Dallas-area bassist, will teach students to play some of the most intricate and rockin' classic rock with a focus on performing the music for live audiences. This philosophy requires that students stage live shows every three months — what better way to teach aspiring musicians than with live concert experience?

The Austin-based School of Rock students will help make the June 14 Grand Opening official with an all-ages benefit concert for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, concluding the weekend's Open House at 4pm June 15 at The Loft in Dallas. The Open House hours are 10am-4pm Sat June 14 and 12-3pm Sun June 15.

In addition to the Austin School of Rock performers, the benefit concert will include performances by Judas Rising (Warner's top-rated Judas Priest tribute band) as well as Brian Brooks, a current Make-A-Wish child and aspiring rocker. 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the North Texas Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If you've got your own aspiring rocker at home, check out the grand opening weekend at the School of Rock — I have a feeling you'll be nodding your head and singing along with the classic tunes before you know it!

Enrollment to the Dallas School of Rock is now open. Call 214/263-8325 for more information, or visit the school's Web site.