06 July 2007

Feeling Earthy?

If all this rain keeps up, the best thing to do this weekend just might be to stay inside, order pizzas and watch Live Earth concerts. Seven concerts (one on each continent) will literally rock the globe for 24 hours on 7/7/07 to raise awareness for global warming.

NBC begins its broadcast at 7pm, Saturday, and, if you can’t sleep that night, the Bravo network starts an 18-hour broadcast at 2am 7/8/07.

You’ll see KT Tunstall, Alicia Keys, Dave Matthews Band and The Police live from New York; Genesis, Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in London; Jack Johnson rocks Sydney and Joss Stone takes Johannesburg, among about 150 other bands.

And, while you’re reliving “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” with Sting and the boys, sit the kids down to check out Meet the Greens, a new site that inspires kids with big ideas to save their planet.


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