30 July 2007

A few thanks...

As my time here comes to a close and I end my short stint as an editorial intern (thanks to wisdom teeth, summer school and a university trip to Ohio) I just want to reflect for a moment and say a quick thanks to a few people who helped me grow along the way.

After spending the past year working for my university’s fast-paced newspaper, the switch to a magazine was both a sigh of relief and a much-needed chance to dabble in something a bit different. Being able to balance a variety of articles and projects while learning the ropes of a well-respected magazine was an experience I’ll never forget. Birthday party profiles, news blurbs, and “shortcuts” gave me a growing confidence in a field I now know I would like to pursue. And, luckily for me, the staff at DallasChild accepted me with open arms and gave me opportunity after opportunity to develop and strengthen my writing skills.

Elizabeth – Thanks for allowing me to flood your e-mail box and for always finding something for me to work on (fencing parties, anyone?) If I can walk away with at least ¼ of your creativeness and talent, I’ll be well off!

Lauren – Thanks for always having quick feedback and a quick smile. You have a great sense of style and great ability to write about it!

Jessica – Who am I going to share weird news stories with? Thanks for all the laughs and good luck with all that you do, I know you’ll be great!

Shelley – While I didn’t work as closely with you as I would have liked, I could tell by your staff what a great editor you are. And, your cute boys always brightened my day!

Joy – Thank you for allowing me to come into your company and work for your talented editors. Your contagious laugh and humorous outlook never failed to make me smile.

Thanks again and I can’t wait to come back and visit!

Ashley Westbrook

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great articles you wrote for DallasChild this summer. I really enjoyed reading them! Good Luck with your Wisdom Teeth...you know you don't lose wisdom when they are extracted, you gain it! And...one more year of college and your on your way to a great new start in life...you are an exceptional writer and you have a bright future ahead!