11 December 2009

Baby-Proof Books

Take a look at your baby's books. Chances are there are various rips, stains and … umm … bite marks. My kids were particularly fond of chewing off the corners of all their board books, leaving them permanently soggy and, let's face it, gross. But if your books are in a similar state (or getting there, thanks to your baby's latest bout of teething) there's good news: Indestructibles are here!

This new line of books, created by a mother of triplets, is completely baby proof. Each tiny tome is washable, chew-proof, rip-proof and nontoxic. In other words, your little one can go nuts on these things and not do any damage! The three sweet little books, each the perfect size for tots to tote, have no words—just bright, lovely pictures that are sure to spark young imaginations.

The books, which were just released this week, retail for $4.95 each and are available at local bookstores. But here's even more good news: We're giving away a set of all three to one lucky reader! Just e-mail me a picture of your little reader with his or her favorite (and most chewed-up, torn and generally destroyed) book! The first one I receive wins the prize.

— Claudia

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