07 December 2009

Calendar by Kate

Way before the dawn of iCal and the iPhone, paper planners were the preferable/only way to organize your day, week or month. Kate Spade's clever and cute (but still oh-so-chic) planners were (and still are) the stuff made of legends. Every girl had one, and if you didn't you envied those who did. But ever since agendas went digital, paper scheduling has gotten less and less love. So Kate Spade, keeping with the times, introduced an iPhone app version of their lovely planners, wonderful watercolor illustrations and all. It functions just like iCal (well, as far as I can tell!), but with a prettier (and more girly, I must say) interface than iCal. They'll even update your calendar with secret sales and events coming to your closest store. Now that's calendar service.


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