08 December 2009

Bee Cool

I took my lunch to school with me almost every day growing up. Occasionally I'd peek inside that boring brown bag to find a little spice inside—a love note from mom. On other (more unfortunate) occasions, she put the note directly on my sandwich using a heart-shaped bread cutter mechanism - which should be outlawed! (No sandwich survived that thing.) I spent more time trying to piece my sandwich back together than I did actually eating it. Poor mom. If only she'd known about beethings and its childishly fun and creative lunch bags. She could have shown her love by sending me off to school with the coolest-looking lunch bag around.

And for moms and dads who struggle with their cool factor in other areas—rest assured, beethings can help there too. The Dallas-based online shop loves to design and print things that make them happy—and we suspect all who use their goods are happy too! Browse from silkscreen prints, notebooks, calendars and, of course, lunch bags. The only thing missing? Heart-shaped bread cutters. (Sigh of relief.)


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