13 January 2010

Boost Waning Winter Hair

Is your hair color fading as the wintertime clouds fade to gray? Or are you just tired of your hair style and ready for a (small!) change? Here are some quick tips from Amy Kott-Hovland (on the right in the photo) of Von Anthony Salon in Frisco for boosting your hair's color and shine:

1. If your hair is colored, look youthful by incorporating three colors so it doesn't look harsh. One color is boring and two colors can look stripy. Think of the dimension you see in a child's hair color.

2. If your hair is blonde, remember it's not how light you are, but how bright and shiny you can look. If your color is too ashy, it will absorb light and look flat. It it's golden, it will reflect the light and look healthy and super shiny.

3. Don't get trapped in your hair color. Don't be afraid to add warmth, sparkle and shine. (Chocolate for brunettes and honey for blonds.)

4. Bangs: If they are too short, it can age you. Don't use your fringe (bangs) to hide the wrinkles on your forehead. It's best to wear a fringe open in the temple area. Wearing your fringe curved in toward your cheeks will make your face look wider and shorter. Go more often for a complimentary bang trim.

5. Old styling habits are hard to change. Some people get into the habit of round brushing, when they should be using a paddle brush. Round brushes are good to add volume to the crown area. Imagine wearing a headband. Volume should happen behind the headband. Paddle brushes smooth, provide control and straighten your hair. Don't use a round brush on your fringe (bangs). Too much volume in the fringe is not a current style and can age you.

Thanks for the tips, Amy!


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Lori said...

Happy New Year! Happy New Hair!