05 January 2010

Cookie Season!

Girl Scout Cookie Season is right around the corner! Sales start January 8—have your orders ready and your nearest Girl Scout on speed dial! Orders will continue through the end of March.

This year, the girls add a new batch to the bunch: Thank U Berry Munch, a cranberry and white-fudge cookie (sounds delicious!). All the favorites (like Thin Mints, Samoas and more) will remain on the cookie roster.

To learn how to order cookies or support "Project Troop to Troop" (which provides cookies to men and women in the armed forces), go here.



Jayne said...

I am so excited! I buy so many every time I see a booth. I want to start spreading the word in my office, but every one is New Years Resolution dieting. I bet Girl Scouts are the reason for many dieters down falls. Cranberry white choc sounds amazing, def trying.

Child(ish) said...

Ha, we're the same way! We were lucky enough to get samples at the office today - as if we don't know what Thin Mints taste like! :)