15 November 2006

Dear Hannah … Love, Santa

The leaves are falling (well, more like being catapulted off the branches today due to the one-million-mile-per-hour winds), there’s a chill in the air and there are only eight days ’til Thanksgiving. So what does all this mean? Santa will be “sliding” down that chimney before you know it.

If your little one hasn’t already penned the first draft of her letter to Santa, it’s only a matter of time (minutes, probably). But for every letter she wishfully sends each year, how many does Santa send in return? Sure, he may scribble a quick note after scarfing down the milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, but as for a personalized, straight-from-the-North-Pole piece of snail mail addressed to Hannah herself? Umm, probably hasn’t happened. Afterall, he’s a busy man.

But … there is a company willing to give the ol’ guy a helping hand and bring a huge smile to your child’s face. Letter from Santa is an online e-tailer that allows fun-loving moms and dads, such as yourself, to customize a letter (from Kris Kringle) with your tot’s name, hometown, gender and good deeds. Within just a few days of placing your order (it’s $9.95 per letter) your little one will receive a customized letter from Santa on holiday-themed paper. Just imagine how thrilled she’s gonna’ be.

Hmm, wonder if Santa writes to adults, too? =)

much love~

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Eryn H said...

Santa Mail for a Mission is similar, only better. It's a fundraiser for a Mansfield-based nonprofit organization called Gorbella's, who's goal is to build a kid-friendly coffeehouse. Handwritten, personlized letters inside handmade cards (that are v. cute, I might add) are sent to your child from Santa, postmarked the North Pole, for a tax-deductible donation of $5.

Excite your child and donate to a good, LOCAL, cause.