20 November 2006

My Hubby is “Pregnant,” Too

OK, so my hubby, Chris, is no medical marvel, a la Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior, but I think he’s getting pretty close. Since the day I said the words “You’re going to be a daddy!,” Chris has been experiencing sympathetic pregnancy — and it’s cracking me up!

For those who don’t know, my hubby is a stocky, goatee-sporting bald man who passes more for a bouncer at the neighborhood bar, rather than a dutiful shopper at Babies “R” Us. And though I’d heard about this phenomenon where daddies-in-development start “feeling” preggars, I never in my wildest dreams thought Chris would be one of them.

But he is.

In fact, he just called (like he has nearly every day the past few weeks) and asked, “Hey, are you tired?” As usual, I said “Absolutely,” and he replied, “Me, too.” We’re on the same wavelength when it comes to all things related to this pregnancy: headaches, exhaustion (if you called either of us around 8:30 on any given night lately, there’s a good chance we’re both already sawing logs), mood swings and hunger pangs. The only thing he hasn’t developed is my strong aversion to seafood — yet.

I tease him mercilessly when he starts getting mopey and whiney (meaning, he sounds and acts just like me), but honestly, the fact that he is so in tune with me and the baby, just makes my heart swell (then makes me cry with laughter, what can I say — mood swings).

Here’s hoping my intuitive “prego” partner continues to share so fully in this experience — but hands off the stretchy panel pants, mister, those are all mine!

much love~

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