08 November 2006

What You're Not Supposed to See...

Yesterday we had our photo shoot for the covers of DallasChild and FortWorthChild’s December issues. For December, we decided to go with a rich holiday feel of black and gold for our last issue of the year. Once again, our wonderful photographer, Jennifer Weintraub, gave us great shots of little Lauren of Dallas (top picture), and tomboy Toni (you never would guess by looking at her) of Grapevine, in the comfort of her own dining room. Pushing all tables and chairs aside, this is the site where we shoot many of our covers. (PS – there are many behind-the-scenes tricks and secrets that you would be amazed about, but of course…we’re keeping some under wraps).

The two gorgeous girls were perfect little angels at the shoot, and will make your hearts melt in their “princess” dresses. Thanks to Lauren, Toni, their mothers and of course Jennifer for such a great end to our year!


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