09 November 2006

Hit the Road

DallasChild is headed to Fort Worth this weekend. It’s kind of like a road trip, except no songs and no license plate games. We have places to go—families to see. We’ll be at Ridgmar Mall on Saturday for our FortWorthChild cover search, our last one of the year.

Because we’ll be in Cowtown, here are some happenings going on west of I-35 this weekend.

Today, the Fort Worth Public Library Foundation dedicates a new study area celebrating the arts at the Fort Worth Central Library. The Betty and Hardy Sanders Art Study Area will feature book displays, reading chairs and study tables, as well as the Foundation’s growing collection of art works. Among these works are five original works on paper by Andy Warhol.

On Saturday, after dropping by our cover search, of course, the brand new GSX Athletics facility is hosting the GSX Games. GSX is an innovative athletic facility for youth sports and adult training, and the games will offer “Olympic-style events” for kids (think soccer, gymnastics and martial arts) and an open-house look at the family-friendly gym and its classes.

Enjoy your weekend!

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