27 March 2007

Baby Loot I’m Loving

The final countdown to “Peanut’s Debut” is on and I can hardly stand it! But I have found one fun way to make the days fly by … bulking up on baby gear. There are so many great new items available on the web for tots so I thought I’d share a few of my favs.

The folks at Saracina Designs have created a wonderful line of onesies and tees that boast fun, kid-friendly designs with simple artwork and catchy phrases. I can’t wait to see Peanut in the one I nabbed: it has the word “dream” with a graphic of a boat beneath … aww, be still a mommy’s heart.

Like most of the women I know, I’m OBSESSED with Grey’s Anatomy, so when I saw a company, Doodle Doo Designs, that had the genius forethought to emblazon a onesie with the word “McCutie,” how could I not fall in love!

During my “infertile myrtle” phase, I received a sample of a pink pacifier with my name stamped on the front. I thought it was a cute idea (I could just imagine the accidental binky swapping at daycare) and took it as “a sign” of things to come. Well, look at me now, lol. I ordered three pacifiers from My Pacifier with Peanut’s name on them and am counting down the days until I get to put them to good use.

I remember my mom making pallets on the floor of the living room when my younger sister was a baby so she could wiggle around. Well, welcome to the 21st century. The Floor Nanny Floor Nanny is like the “pallets” of yesterday, but it has a great, sewn-in cushion all the way around to keep Baby from rolling out of his play space. Also, great for getting in some much-needed tummy time.

Like any gal, I love shoes and make those in “kid” size and well, I’m in shopper’s heaven. Two of the cutest collections I’ve seen are the design-your-own Preschoolians (I custom-ordered some Dallas Cowboy inspired kicks, per Daddy’s request, for next football season) and the rain boot selection from Vincent Shoes Vincent Shoes. Though Peanut will be wearing his Preschoolians way before his Vincent’s (preschoolians start at tike size and Vincent’s at toddler), I love knowing I have great foot gear waiting for my little guy.

See some other great baby items I should check out? Shoot me an e-mail at senior.editor@dallaschild.com.

Happy hunting!


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