09 March 2007

Monday, Bloody Monday

Monday, March 19 marks the four-year anniversary of the Iraq war. It's a somber anniversary to be sure, but the Dallas Peace Center is planning something poignant and supportive to mark this passage of (too much) time. The center will host a "Blood For Oil" blood drive from 11 am to 2 pm at 4301 Bryan Street in Dallas.

Donations will go to the Dallas Veterans Administraion Hospital, and donors will be given a quart of oil (and probably a cookie, for nourishment). It's a very pointed message, but a very positive gesture. Just think: war is costly, but the gift of blood is free, and you can't argue with that.

On a sweeter note, you can also show support for U.S. soldiers the Girl Scout way...with cookies! If you think you need a cookie after giving blood, just imagine how satisfying a box of Thin Mints will be to a guy driving a tank through Baghdad all day. Give a box or a case at Troop To Troop.com, a project sponsored by the North Central and East Texas Girl Scouts.

Have a great weekend!


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