12 March 2007

Save Dallas Water!

Back in January, we wanted to tell you about 10-year-old DISD student Helanna Padgitt-Clark. Helanna won a cartoon-drawing contest sponsored by Dallas Water Utilities in which she designed an ad to encourage Dallasites to conserve water.

If you're familiar with our little Instant Messenger section in the magazine, you'll know that it's a short feature where we list community events, charitable endeavors or special kudos. As sometimes happens though, we had to cut our shout-out to Helanna at the last minute, due to space issues.

Since then, though, DWU has made an animated commercial based on Helanna's design. It will air on local and cable TV in April as part of DWU's 2007 "Save Dallas Water" campaign.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, a special preview, featuring the work of Helanna Padgitt-Clark.

Good job, Helanna!


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