02 March 2007

Nashville, Day Two

It's day two in Nashville and I have to say that Shelley and I are learning quite a bit - like how to dodge the homeless gentlemen hanging out downtown who have a tendency to yell at you as you pass by. How to jaywalk successfully while narrowly missing being hit by a speeding bus and how to avoid getting locked into a staring contest with the odd passerby peering into the Hooter's restaurant window (What can I say, we had a hankering for wings and the dining options downtown are minimal at best). But all this hub bub aside, we are getting great info about how to better our publications ... but I'll keep those fun tidbits under wraps for now. =)

Shelley and I rubbed elbows with magazine hobnobbers from across the state last night at a reception and even befriended three Bostonians and one mild-mannered New Hampshirite (all of which, including Shelley, chastized me, lovingly of course, for my West Texas accent). Noshing on steak and a desert tray to die for, Shelley and I were shocked to learn that Boston, unlike Dallas, doesn't support breastfeeding. (Our mouths dropped!) Maybe we should paper their city with our extensive collection of "breast is best" articles. =)

It's about 15 minutes until we have to catch the shuttle for our evening activities (a Carrie Underwood concert at the Grand Old Opry, baby!), can't wait to see what new secrets and insider tips we uncover. (Let's hope the peeping tom doesn't reveal too much, lol!)


p.s. The photo is us dining out last night with the Boston and New Hampshire crew.

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