18 December 2006

Age Games: Your Comments Wanted!

I recently sat down with our editorial director, Shelley, in preparation for an article I’m working on for the February issue regarding older versus younger moms. She asked me to think about the differences that she and I would experience as mothers each raising similar-age children (I have one on the way and she has three under 5) in respect to our ages (we differ by about 10 years). As a younger mom, will I be more fun-loving? As an older mom, will she be more patient? Will either of us become jealous of our stations in life in regard to parenting?

These questions really got me thinking and I posed these, and several others, to members of our readers’ panel (if you’d like to join, just shoot me an e-mail) to see what they thought and now I’m asking you. Have you ever felt ostracized by a group of older or younger moms? Do you feel like you “don’t fit in” because of your age? If you’re a younger or older mom, in a nutshell, how do you view the other mommy group?

I’m looking for moms who aren’t afraid to speak their minds! =) E-mail me at senior.editor@dallaschild.com. All comments may be used in the feature, so please include your full name, city in which you live, age now, age at which you became a mom and number of kiddos in your response.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly!

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