13 December 2006

Chic or Eek? Is Your Closet Calling for Help?

If you are a mom anything like me, your closet could best be described as casual meets corporate meets maternity meets carpool (in a variety of sizes to suit all life phases). I love to shop. I have many receipts to prove it {insert husband cringing}. I enjoy fashion and pour through women’s magazines for ideas. I have a clue. The one thing I don’t have much of is time. And, that’s what it takes to pull together a smashing wardrobe: time.

Or Nancy.

Who is this magic makeover marvel? Without giving away too many details (you’ll have to read the January issue of DallasChild), Nancy Klompus is the secret-weapon to many a well-dressed mom in the Metroplex. With more than 25 years of designer fashion experience (think Neimans, Saks and Barneys) under her belt, she works as a personal-style consultant, whipping wardrobes into shape with her impeccable eye for style. Nancy takes the best of what you have, organizes it, reinvents it and builds upon it.

I was brave enough to invite her into my closet {yes, nervously so, but you have to admit there is a problem before you can make improvements!}. Find out what I learned (tips you can steal, too) and discover why the right personal shopper might actually help save you money! --shelley

ps ... Who wants to vote? Is that my closet pictured above? Is it Tessa's? Or random Internet photo that Liz dug up? You tell us.

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