02 May 2007

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

I LOVE it when it rains, because that means one thing…rainboots!!! I heart my Pucci rainboots that I got two years ago, and apparently so does everyone else. Every time I wear them, I get comments (and many looks) from both men and women. A man in a hospital elevator even told me that where he was from, those were called “pig sloppin’ boots,” but mine were “pretty fancy galoshes!” I’ll take that as a complement.

Whatever people call them, they’re not only pretty, but practical. On top of keeping my feet dry (and my good shoes unharmed), they are the most comfortable shoes I own. Whether it’s for you or your “mini-me,” you’ll never be more satisfied with a pair of shoes.

A few to check out:
• Pucci Rain Boots (they're a little scarce, so grab them if you find them)
Burberry Rain Boots
Marc Jacobs Rain Boots


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