24 May 2007

Tessa's a Mama!

The newest Falk has arrived ...

Tessa's offical announcement:

"After 3 years of trying, 9 months of "baking," 8 hours of pitocin-induced labor and 20 minutes (give or take a few) on the operating table, Cooper Michael is here and we're home!!

Our little guy (literally, he was born at 37 weeks) made his big debut Friday, May 18 at 4:08pm. He weighed in at a whopping 6lbs, 0oz and is 19 1/2 inches long."

And, her unofficial update to the "boss lady" (her nickname for me, which only she can get away with):

"Things here are fantabulous - I'm an official "dork" mom. =) I check the "poop chart" to see how the baby is progressing, get completely antsy when someone holds him too long, check to make sure he's breathing every 5 minutes and applauded myself this morning when I pumped enough colostrum (oops on spelling!?!) to fill a bottle nipple full.

You'll be happy to know that I worked with TWO lactation consultants and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the hospital's baby nurses to get this whole breastfeeding thing down (even Chris took notes, ta-he-he). We're still struggling a bit, but we're doing much better. Just waiting for the milk fairies to fill the jugs up, lol."

Can't you just hear the joy in her words? I got the chance to visit the family in the hospital. I am always in such awe when a woman becomes a mom (even though I've seen it many times with friends and have 3 children myself). It's such a miraculous feeling that first time you see someone after they have given birth ... the big tummy is gone and suddenly there is this little person bundled up in a blanket. Tessa looked great and her hubby was busy doting on her and the baby. They had that precious mixture of exhilaration and shock and complete love in their expressions. Like when the mind cannot keep up with the heart.

I miss her already, but am so proud to witness her blossom into a mother. Please leave a comment if you want to send her well wishes! --shelley


Anonymous said...

congrats - you can burn that "infertile myrtle" t-shirt now!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, dear Tessa!!! Rest (if you can), take it easy (if you can) and savor the moments!!!

I did one of those all day pitocin things, too.....with no luck....my whopper was 9 lbs. 5 ozs. (and I'm all of 4'11"). I did not breast feed either of my two kiddos.....so, don't worry if it doesn't really work for you. My kiddos ended up being healthier than all of their other friends. So, do what is natural and comfortable for YOU. After all, YOU are the mom.

I'm so happy for you.....that you finally get to experience being a mom....after so many years of working at a parenting magazine...now, it's your turn.

Enjoy and God Bless.

Beckie Maschino

Anonymous said...

OMG Tessa...when the milk faries arrive you will feel like the milk sprinkler. Get ready to live in the shower so as not to be a sticky mama!
Mazol tov! (Jewish for congratulations) to you Chris and Cooper. He is a week old today and any parent will tell you the milestones fly by. Hope the little bellybutton thing is coming off nicely and that the two week check up goes well.
Great Aunt Kathleen & Family
North Richland Hills

Franklin5 said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful news, and a photo of the shiny, happy family! It's been a joy to read this adventure from beginning to end... and now, to a wonderful new beginning. Best wishes to all.

pamela horn said...

Shelley, I am Tessa's mom. I read your blog and loved it. I have a leather journal that I write down famous quotes, cool sayings or things I write myself...things that touch my heart or inspire me in some way. One line from your blog touched me..."like when the mind cannot keep up with the heart". Awww, it leaped right from the page into my tender heart. Your quote has now found it's way into my journal!

Thank you for being a special mentor to Tessa. She is an amazing writer but I have watched her grow as she has worked with you...she has become more sure of herself and is reaching a new level of potential...I know you have had a profound effect on her. Be you...others will be blessed.

be present
be grateful
be awed

Pam Horn, mom and new mimi

Leigh said...


While I am sending a comment to this post very late, I have been thinking of you and your sweet little one ever since I read the great news!

I hope that you're all working into a wonderful routine in your new life together.

Love . . . Prayers . . . Hugs! Welcome to the world, sweet Peanut!