11 May 2007

Last Ditch Effort

Mother’s Day is T-minus 2 days, and if your husband or kids are anything like me – they’re procrastinating. It’s not that they don’t want to get you something, but truth be told – you’re probably the hardest person they know to buy for (whether you think so or not)!

Make it easy on them: S-P-E-L-L I-T O-U-T. I promise, both you and they will be happier you make blatant suggestions, rather than subtle “hints.” You’ll get what you actually want (not another perfume that you grin-and-wear), and they’ll be relieved to actually get you something that’s lights up your face.

My favorite tactic: rip out a page from a LOCAL store’s catalog (too late to ship now), and write on it “I WANT THIS.” Or you could even print off a page from the internet, and do the same, but keep it local.

Just in case you’re still not sure yourself what you want, one last thought: patent skimmers (write your shoe size on the torn out page - they won't remember it). It covers two of spring’s trends – patent and flats. I know that as a mom, you run yourself ragged between all the kids’ events, so run yourself ragged in style.

L’Autre Chose
Flat Patent Skimmer
Barneys New York

Happy Mother’s Day!


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