10 May 2007

Tread Lightly, Friend

OK, so Shelley blogged about my uterus yesterday (um, yeah, note of thanks to her, lol), but can you blame a girl for being excited about her first bundle of joy? Come on ladies, you know you’ve probably bored more than one unsuspecting friend with loads of pregnancy details (me included!).

But here’s the thing, I think my hubby is just as bad as I am in the details department (he’s not chatting incessantly, but more task-oriented). In the last nine months, Chris (the aforementioned hubby) has found a daycare for “Peanut” (interviewed the staff , checked references, etc.), scoured the Internet for baby gear like he was on a quest for gold, researched and investigated every baby/pregnancy topic imaginable (when I was having cramping one day he checked Web MD and “diagnosed” my condition) and now he has secured an interview with a possible pediatrician.

But, as much as I love this doting hubby of mine, he just broke the daddy-to-be credo that says “Thou shalt not push, anger or irritate my pregnant wife.”

Earlier today we had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Chris: “We have an appointment next week with Dr. D to discuss the possibility of him being ‘Peanut’s’ pediatrician.”
Me: “Awesome, honey, thank you for taking care of that.”
Chris: “He has privileges at our hospital, he’ll check ‘Peanut’ each day we’re in the hospital and he’ll schedule a follow-up visit for us in his office for three days after discharge.”
Me: “Wow, you’re on the ball. Thank you.”
Chris: “So, um, yeah. Besides having this baby, what is it exactly that you’re, doing?”


He IS laughing when he says this, but let’s just say that this little hubby of mine better sleep with one eye open. (lol?)


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