11 February 2008

Cutting Through the Chatter on Pregnancy and Babies

There’s a familiar face with a whole new look on the scene today, helping Moms make sense of the latest medical and scientific research on pregnancy and baby health. The (old) new resource? The March of Dimes. MarchofDimesBaby.org, a new portal to the March of Dimes’ web site, opens the door to reliable answers to your questions about pregnancy and babies.

How much weight should you gain during pregnancy? What type of seafood is safe to eat? The March of Dimes cuts through the chatter of the overwhelming number of resources available to today’s moms.

Answers to questions by e-mail Trained health information specialists answer questions via e-mail on pregnancy health and nutrition, newborn screening, complications and risks, and many other topics.

9 questions to help you get your 9 months What questions should every woman who is thinking about having a baby ask her health care provider before she gets pregnant?

Which screening tests? The March of Dimes web site is one of the only places that moms can find up-to-date information about which newborn screening tests are routinely provided by their state.

Text messaging Daily test messages with a healthy pregnancy tip.

Podcasts Pregnancy and baby health information on demand.

Online scrapbooking Create a virtual scrapbook with photos and videos about your baby that can be shared via e-mail or on social networking sites.

Visit MarchofDimesBaby.org for more modern resources and reliable answers for today’s busy new mom.

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