07 February 2008

South Beach Doctor Rallies Forces Against Childhood Obesity

Science knows a lot about health and children and nutrition – but putting the pieces together, especially for busy parents, is sometimes easier said than done. South Beach Diet guru Dr. Arthur Agatston is helping position the pieces of the childhood obesity puzzle, inviting a bevy of scientists, health and policy professionals to put their heads together this week at a special conference in Florida. The star-studded panel brings together well known figures such as Rachael Ray and NBC-TV nutrition correspondent Joy Bauer, alongside government health officials from both the United States and Great Britain.

In an exclusive interview with DallasChild, Agatston explained why healthy nutrition isn’t only a matter of weight. “When the general public thinks of obesity, they think of all the reasons too much weight is not good for you – everybody knows that,” he countered. “But what we’re learning is that while we’re overfed, we’re undernourished.”

Shockingly, parents don’t always see the gravity of their children’s weight problems. Find out how the South Beach doctor is out to change their perceptions and change the state of children’s health at DallasChild.com.

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