25 February 2008

A Hero in Their Own Minds

Remember those cool fantasy books your brother’s geeky friend used to read when you were little – the ones that let you choose which path to take at critical points? They’re back, updated for today’s kids. Your child will become a hero in her own fantasy adventure with the return of the beloved Endless Quest interactive series.

Endless Quest books are "literature that by its nature holds a reader by the throat and doesn't let go," according to English Journal, the publication of the National Council of Teachers of English. The books are expected to be a big hit among kids who enjoy video games, since the text mimics the gaming environment by allowing the reader to control the action.

If that’s still not enough interaction and engagement for you, check out the teaching and discussion guides. You’re bound to find some ways to get your 8- to 12-year-old reluctant reader fired up about slaying a dragon – and knock off a few good books along the way!

(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

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