18 February 2008

No Oval Office for These Kids

Most Texas kids -- especially girls -- would pass if given a chance at the Oval Office, according to a recent poll of first- through eighth-graders by Scholastic News.
  • 55% said they would not want to be president
  • 45% said they'd take the job
  • 66% of boys said they'd like to be president, while 34% said "pass"
  • Only 19% of girls expressed interest in the presidency; a whopping 81% said "no, thanks"
  • Texas kids overwhelmingly preferred not to be president, with only 19% wanting a shot at the Oval Office and 81% voting "pass"
The Scholastic News poll surveyed 30,000 children nationwide, based on teachers who want their classes to participate and students who want to participate individually.

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Jodie Goodison said...

Interesting poll..

Just happened to find this blog. Though I'm located in WF, I will be checking back. Fun reading. :)

Photography is great too!