14 February 2008

Gaming for a Green Planet

Girl power goes green at Hulala Girls. Girls ages 6-12 can create their own avatars, download ring tones and wallpapers, meet other girls and play green games imparting eco-friendly values.

Creator Christy Hui (Xiaolin Showdown) wanted to make her next project something for girls. “Like ocean waves, ideas came crashing in,” she says. “I realized that the Hulala Girls’ love of adventure and respect for nature are wonderful elements we all can relate to and share. This is where we all show our love and respect for nature. And personally, I think Mother Nature has a great sense of Hulala humor. Just look how She paints the tropical fish! And did you know that dolphins can sound like babies underwater?”

The site donates a portion of proceeds to its environmental efforts -- Mermaids4Reefs, Surf4Earth and Dolls4Trees.


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tickle tinks said...

Yeah…I checked out the site and gave it “Shake!” as they call it…pretty cool…thanks! My three daughters love them!