30 May 2008

Father's Day Finds

Since we’re always trying to be of service to you, it’s about time we provided you with some ideas for Father’s Day. Some dads are thrilled with gadgets of all kids, but, I think most are notoriously challenging to shop for. (“Just a card would be great; save your money!”)

Dallas’ Current Energy store may not sound like the place for off-beat dad gifts, but it may have exactly what you didn’t know you were looking for.

He’s got a soft side—you know that—but for a grooming gift, pick up the Man Can, containing organic spa products. Nothing too fancy, just soap, a cool back brush and hand cream. And, since he’ll need a can opener, or maybe a screwdriver, to open it, it really is one manly can of cosmetics.

I also like the Solio hybrid charger, which lets you charge all of your small electronics at once using solar power. It’s the only charger he’ll need, and he’ll probably get a kick out of using the solar power, since, you know, he does not own the electric company.

For more ideas on how to celebrate the dads in your life this month, be sure to pick up our June issue, where you'll find more gift ideas, large and small, and plenty of activities to have fun together.


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