19 May 2008

Oh, the Places They'll Go

Some travel experiences are just too good to keep to yourself. After all, who doesn’t have thousands of digital photos to prove it?

And the, then are those travel experiences that you haven’t had yet—the trip of your dreams, your top places to see in your lifetime or that upcoming summer excursion.

Well, your kids might have some travel memories (or fantasies) of their own. Challenge them to tell their story this summer, and, PS, there are prizes involved.

All summer long, kids can write about their travel adventures (real or imaginary) for the Youngest Travel Writer Contest. Sponsored by Smart Poodle Publishing (owned by a former travel writer), the goal of this contest is to keep kids’ minds sharp over the summer, as well as to inspire more great journeys.

To help your little voyagers get started, try asking questions like “What did you see or do that made this adventure unique?” or “What happened that was different or exciting?” Or, stage a family slide show of all those digital snaps and relive some of your favorite trips.

Email submissions to smartpoodle@comcast.net by Sep 1. Winners in three age categories will have their narratives posted on Smart Poodle Publishing’s Web site and win a prize package.

So, you can give your kids permission to let their minds wander this summer, just a little.


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