13 May 2008

What If...

Who doesn’t love the clever, artistic logos that pop up on Google on various holidays? Well, did you know they are the work of artist and Google Webmaster Dennis Hwang? Hwang has been doodling these logos to mark certain occasions since 2000, and recently he got some help from some very artistic kids.

The Doodle 4 Google competition gives kids the chance to design a logo using the theme “What if…” This year, kids in all grades submitted variations on that theme for the chance to have their rendering displayed on the world’s biggest search engine May 22. The submission part of the contest is over, but the voting has just begun. Click to check out some of the phenomenal works that were submitted and vote for your favorites.

You can browse by age level, from the adorable K-3rd grade group to the seriously talented high school category. (In fact, a high schooler from the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts has made it to the voting round!)

Click through the submissions for an amusing mid-afternoon treat, and perhaps keep this idea under your hat for an art project for your own kids this summer.


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