01 May 2008

Hot Lips

Quick, moms…how many lipsticks, lip-glosses or lip balms do you have in your handbag or diaper bag right now? I just read an article that prompted me to check my own product arsenal. It seems some dermatologists are cautioning that shiny lip-glosses may be inviting skin cancer.

Yes, the dermatologists in this article (from Dallas, no less!) say shiny glosses actually allow the sun’s UV rays a window to penetrate the delicate skin on our lips.

Scary? Yes. That’s why I pulled out my stash to see if any of my products provided any kind of protection (for the price of a good lip gloss, I really thought they should). Anti-oxidants? Got ‘em. But out of the four lip products I’m currently toting around, only one offers UV protection: YSL’s rouge pur lipstick, with SPF 8.

So, I’m going to be especially careful this summer about what goes on my lips. And, I think I’ll be adding a new product to my cache—a Chapstick Classic with SPF…to wear under my glosses, of course.


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