28 May 2008

A Move in the Right Direction

Have you converted to re-usable grocery bags yet? No? If what’s holding you back is a convenience and/or style issue, I have good news. You’ll want to order a few new bags from Envirosax for yourself and the family. You can bypass all of the generic, grocery store brand-stamped eco bags on sale at the in the checkout lines, and you’ll be living the brand’s mission: A move in the right direction.

What makes these bags desirable? Let me count the ways. They’re inexpensive, durable and adorable, and they also wholeheartedly embrace their maker’s environmental message. From the organic materials, to the fair trade and fair wage standards of their China factory, this is one company that practices what it preaches.

Based in Australia (where toting green-colored sacks to the store is far and away the norm), Envirosax are now available in the U.S. You can also meander around their site to find easy tips for saving water and living a more sustainable life.

Greengrocer bags for mom and dad come in chic colors, and the new kids line features characters silly enough for your little shoppers to get excited about (pictured is “Baa, Maa & Paa”). Get the kids in the habit of using bags like these for toting library books, pool essentials and more, and you’ll all be making a move in the right direction.


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