06 October 2009

Brad Oldham Leaves his Mark on Dallas

If you and your family have taken the DART's new Green Line on a recent trip to Deep Ellum, you may have noticed three striking new additions to the artsy landscape: gigantic metal sculptures of robot-like men.

The sculptures — dubbed "The Traveling Men" — are works by Brad Oldham, who was profiled with his family in DallasChild's June 2009 Nesting section. Brad joined creative forces with fellow artist Brandon Oldenburg (of Reel FX Creative Studios) to meld and weld the sculpture series.

"Walking Tall" is located at the corner of Good Latimer and Swiss Avenue, and is the tallest of the three "men" — measuring in at 38 feet! This sculpture, which appears to be walking into the adjacent neighborhood, is accompanied by stainless-steel birds. Reminiscent of Chicago's jellybean-like "Cloud Gate" sculpture in Millenium Park, the birds (which serve as seating) boast a mirrored finish — offering little ones endless entertainment!

At Good Latimer and Gaston Avenue, visitors will find "Waiting on a Train," the second installment of a futuristic man who appears to be seated and leaning against the Deep Ellum Tunnel. As a nod to Deep Ellums artistic environment, the man is strumming a guitar while waiting on his train.

In the heart of Deep Ellum's neighborhood (at Good Latimer and Elm Street), "Awakening" surprises visitors with its 8-foot-wide head that appears to be emerging from the ground. More stainless-steel birds offer eclectic and kid-friendly seating to those in need of a rest.

To read more about the sculptures, go to DeepEllumGateway.com, or visit Brad's Web site at BradOldham.com.

Looking for DART maps that detail the Green Line, go here and plan your next trip!


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Anonymous said...

Very exciting that Dallas has cool, original art like this! Thanks Brad and Brandon!