13 October 2009


Like most of Dallas and FortWorth, I too was at the U2 concert - the highlight my concert-riddled month. A longtime fan(atic) of the quartet from my favorite city in the world, Dublin, this was my fourth U2 concert (number five happens in Norman on Sunday), and maybe the most memorable.

Thinking I was smart to get to the Cowboys Stadium 10 minutes after the parking lots opened, I quickly found out that about 1500 were smarter than I, and lined up long before to get the best seats in the house...the floor front and center. Even though I was this close (literally) to being lifted on stage with Bono (he was actually pointing to the 10-year-old boy standing shoulder-to-shoulder to my left; even the security guard thought it was me and grabbed my waist to lift me up on the bridge Bono was on), I got my own piece of the concert when one of U2's roadies tapped me on the shoulder and gave me the official set list for the night that only the band and their crew get to see. It made my night, and am pretty sure I conveyed that to the roadie when I gave him the biggest hug ever to a stranger.

Even better than the glitz, glimmer and incredible music coming from the four Irishmen, was their message: peace, acceptance and compassion. From videos to Bono's monologues and shout-outs to influential world leaders that have made a difference for those less fortunate (especially with the One Campaign), the super-star mentioned his ally in the fight to shed light on the continent of Africa - Dallas resident President Bush. I wouldn't call U2 a PG band, but their message is one appropriate for all ages, even the inordinate number of kids in attendance. It was amazing to see how many fathers wanted to share this experience with their kids (adorably adorned in matching U2 tees). I saw mothers there too, but not like the dads. It was a special experience for them, and they wanted to let their kids experience the same even if it was several hours past their bedtime. I imagine Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam have left a lasting impression, and one they'll continue to build on.

- Lauren

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