29 October 2009

Stroller Strength!

Pregnancy can make you feel (and eat) crazy things. It's OK. You can admit it ... you indulged in that triple fudge brownie sundae ... ummm, every weekend. Trust me, I'm guilty too. We all plan for our bump to disappear after the baby comes. Or at least we hope. Just in case crossing our fingers isn't quite good enough, exercise trainer and Dallas native Colleen Pfutzenreuter and her Baby Boot Camp classes are here to save the day (and our physiques!). With a passion for health and fitness, Colleen combines her knowledge of exercise and her joy of being a mom into cardio and strength-building exercises - with babies in tow! Colleen knows firsthand the struggles of trying to stay fit while still spending time with family, so she designs classes specifically to increase health and strength while enabling moms to enjoy and meet the demands of motherhood - all while feeling good about themselves! Finally - exercise that sounds as good as a triple fudge brownie sundae!

Classes are at 9:15am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the courtyard at Dallas’ NorthPark Center. For more information, call 469/569-7643 or visit Baby Boot Camp's Web site.


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